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This is a demo. Full Version available on Steam

        In Worm Adventure 4, the goal is to climb to the top of the cave. Because it's a rage game, you will probably fall down a lot, but as you get used to the controls you'll learn how to catch your falls and develop creative shortcuts to regain your progress faster than ever. Even though reaching the top of the cave is a commendable achievement, it is only the start of your journey.

        Worm Adventure 4 has deeper movement than any other rage game on the market, to the point where after hundreds of hours playing, I personally am still discovering new techniques. The controls are very simple--you can turn, tilt, jump, and grapple--but when combined, they offer an almost limitless amount of movement options to an experienced player.

        Connecting to multiplayer is as easy as clicking a single button! Play online with up to 12 friends at a time, and if you don't have friends to play with (don't worry, it happens), then you can still play with other strangers online. Collect and show off your favorite skins as you climb your way to the top.


worm-adventure-4-demo-windows.zip 102 MB


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I'm pretty sure you still have the world record for Worm Adventure 2 (I haven't even beaten it yet).  Congratulations on making a commercial game!

Thanks! I'm pretty sure I've got the world record on this one too but I'm excited to see who tries to beat it :)